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Not sure you are ready to adopt? Looking to help our cause? People who foster animals off the street or from a shelter - it is such a rewarding experience. You help get animals to their forever home! 


I had no idea what I was doing. I helped trap a cat and then found out later that she was part of a colony. Through the Hoboken Animal Hospital, I learned that "Millie" was one of 14 cats that a wonderful man took care of. Not only did he take each cat in for spaying and neutering, he made certain they had regular shots. He fed them and gave them shelter. He died. Early 40s. I never met this man, but I am so dedicated to see his vision through.

I could go on and on about the cats from this colony who have found their forever homes, thanks to the work of CAP and the tireless volunteers. But here is my foster story,

Millie. I met new friends who cared about this little pumpkin. I now know she lost her home, and that is why she came around midtown Hoboken. We trapped her and brought her into a room in my house. She was scared for a while, but then I spent time talking to her. And then she started to come out of her hiding place. And then she would eat by me. And then she would crawl into my lap. And then she came out of her private space and started loving my forever cats. 

I cannot tell you the joy of seeing a cat who is an adult who has never been pet, and has never played with a cat toy - and then you see it and experience it! It's like having a kitten, but more meaningful. During the time I first fostered Millie, I was put into touch with the leaders of CAP. Their volunteers were clued in about the colony, and trapped the rest of the crew. From that group, I ended up fostering another cat from the colony, Through our vet friends and their records, I've learned his name is Juan. He is Millie's uncle. I also figured out he is deaf. I taught him very basic sign language, and he thrives around other cats.

My point? Fostering is so rewarding. And yeah, it breaks your heart when they leave. But you know you have saved a life. What else can make you feel better? The world needs foster parents for cats and kittens!! You can do it!! They will inspire you, as they did I.

Yup, in the photo - that is Millie on the left, and Juan on the right. They have come so far - from being terrified of people, to being snuggle buddies with adults, kids, and other cats. While I encourage you to foster, I also encourage you to adopt!

Millie & Juan - Happy Fosters!
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